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Linen high end fabrics 180130-142326 C4T

Linen high end fabrics 180130-142326 C4T
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I made this and seven other photos of high end fabrics that Melody decided to cull from her fabric stash and donate them to a community college Fashion Department. When we needed to a way to display the numerous fabrics, we decided to use a portable clothes drying rack for the job. The fabrics in this and the other seven photos are - in order - Cotton Knits, Wool, Linen, Cotton, Cotton Batik, Rayon, Silk, and Suit Lining. All but the cotton batik were gathered over the decades while Melody worked at Britex Fabrics in Downtown San Francisco's Union Square. I shot these in our house using a room divider as background. Though I could have used one of my Canon EOS, I decided to stay with my Canon Powershot SX50. This area of our house provided LED overhead lighting and natural light from a window to the right of the camera.
Date: 2018-02-13 14:56:57

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