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Experience Bengal - Folk Arts and Crafts

Experience Bengal - Folk Arts and Crafts
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Bengal, the hub of creative talents, is known all over the world for its expertise in art and craft and West Bengal serves as home to many talented artisans in India. The State has a distinctive specialization in many forms of craft and the unique rustic and mystic charm of Bengal crafts is universally admired by art lovers.

You have to visit the rural areas of West Bengal to get a glimpse of authentic handicraft works which are still not influenced by the western ways. There are places in Bengal that are famous for one of kind of art form. Most of these handicraft produce are cottage industry, provide the much needed economic support for rural areas, and has been backbone of the rural economy of the State. Today, the time has come to revive some lost forms of art that once brought fame and recognition to Bengal.

The artworks for sale at West Bengal State Handicrafts Expo (Paschim Banga Hastashilpa Mela) at Milan Mela, Kolkata, India

India’s largest handicraft’s fair, an annual event displays the workmanship of the artisans of West Bengal, the neglected frontrunners of traditional art of the state.

Around 3000 participants from almost every districts of West Bengal display their arts and crafts of jute, cane furnitures and baskets, handloom products, Totem poles made of bamboo shoots, 'Chhau' masks, wood carvings, wooden, dokra, jute and clay dolls, Madhubani and other traditional hand paintings, sawdust art, terracotta, wooden, sea shell and coconut shell artifacts and other home decors. Beside carpets, handbags and wall hangings, Kantha stitch and Batik from Bolpur, Baluchari from Bisnupur, Tant from Shantipur, Phoolia and Dhoniakhali, Silk from Murshidabad, Woolens of Darjeeling are also very popular.

The traditional origins based on culture and mythology, the workmanships, the richness of ideas, the brilliant combination of pure simplicity and glamour bring an amazing experience to truly understand their talent.

The Expo spreads over an area of 82,000 sq ft and has incurred an estimated total sales of Rs.1500.00 lakh (£1.5 million pound). It is the initiative of the Department of Micro and Small Scale Enterprises and Textiles, Government of West Bengal, organized every year with the aim to provide the artisans an exposure to the urban markets, know their taste and interact with the buyers or exporters directly, so that they can get orders for their products all throughout the year.

Beautiful Bengal, India
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